About Rach x

The short version? We’re a sustainable, independent British fashion brand which makes colourful clothes inspired by childhood.

The longer version…

Colourful clothes for women, made in Britain

Every piece we sell is handcrafted in the UK and we’re a registered member of Made in Britain. Our vegan leather belts are printed and handstitched in London, and everything else is handmade in small batches by a friendly Community Interest Company in the North East of England.

Keeping it local means we can support British manufacturing AND cut down on the miles our garments travel before they get to you. We’re pretty proud of that.

Inspired by childhood nostalgia

Each piece of our colourful, comfortable limited edition womenswear is designed to bring out your inner child and sense of fun! After all, life’s serious enough already.

As well as looking fab, we make sure they’re really comfy so that you can get on with your day in style.

Responsibly produced

We’re big believers in transparency, longevity, and minimising our impact on our environment. We have strong values and big ideas but we’re just getting started, so realistically we have to compromise at times.

That might mean making the most responsible choice we can, rather than getting it perfect. But each time we compromise, we make a promise to ourselves and to you that we’ll revisit the options available as soon as we can.

So far, these are a few of the choices we’ve made:

  • We produce in small batches, minimising waste.
  • We manufacture in the UK, as locally as we can.
  • Our main manufacturer is a Community Interest Company.
  • We can’t realistically source the materials we need in small batches in the UK, so we do import these - but we do make sure that our fabric supplier has a clear agenda on sustainability.
  • All our packaging is recyclable (card or paper).

Meet Rachel, designer and founder

Rachel Pedder is the designer behind the brand. She loves quality design, minimalism, sustainability and FUN. 

Rachel’s journey to starting a fashion brand began with taking time out in 2015 after several years working in graphic design in London. She decided to join an artist’s residency in Portugal for ten months to get some inspiration. It wasn't as glamorous as it sounds. The Portuguese winter was freezing, the accommodation was unheated and let’s say… basic, and it was unexpectedly opposite the local brothel!

Undeterred, Rachel started creating fresh new designs using a combination of traditional and modern practices. The colours you see in the clothing are inspired by the photos she took around Porto during this time.

When she got home, Rachel started to turn her dreams of producing products into reality. She started with homeware and pattern design, but in 2020 took things to the next level. With limited textile experience but heaps of design knowledge, she spent months working out how to produce her first range of clothing. And the rest is history!

While Rach x is Rachel’s brainchild, my goodness she couldn’t have done this alone! The collection:

  • was designed by Rachel,
  • handmade by a Community Interest Company based in the North East of England and by a team of craftspeople in London,
  • and wouldn’t have happened without the support of an amazing bunch of lovely suppliers, pattern cutters, mentors, retail experts, freelance creatives, friends, family and more.